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      Hi, my name is Jason Thompson. I am located in Central Pennsylvania. I specialize in Family portraits, Wedding photography, Aerial drone and Event photography. I choose to focus on people, capturing beautiful images and video with true lasting impact.

     I have lots of experience in my life that has greatly influenced my passion for photography. As a child, I always had a pencil in my hand, drawing whatever I saw. In high school I was introduced to the art of photography. After working for various magazines, my hobby of photography soon became a profession. My real love for photography did not bloom until I had my first baby boy! At that point, I used my camera in a whole new way !

     My passion for life came out in my photographs. I love to capture every moment of a family gathering to the first weeks of a baby's life. After the birth of my first of three sons, I was humbled and amazed at the phases and stages of his little life. Knowing he would be small only for a brief time, I tried to capture every moment on camera. I now have the joy of documenting all three of my boys lives, and the evidence lies in the thousands of images on my computers, and stacks of photo albums, scrapbooks, and portraits on the walls of my home.

     My most proud achievement is my precious family and three wonderful boys. They are my inspiration and my reason for loving what I do ! I feel so blessed to be given this gift of creativity to capture moments that will be forever treasured.


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